Lauren Von____F stands for fuck off Im having fun.

I would kill to have  cute little buddy , all mine are dead and now in jars on my shelf …sad .

I would kill to have  cute little buddy , all mine are dead and now in jars on my shelf …sad .

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Good night you cunts!

Good night you cunts!

Paul McCartney  concert. <3

club house seats.

Best birthday gift.

My birthday gifts .

#1. I went to the Paul McCartney concert.

#2. Mac gifts .

#3. Sephora.

#4. My boo is taking me shopping $$$ <3

#5. My babe’s mom bought me the fuji instax mini 8 in PINK .

My first birthday with out my dad ,but I know he is there<3 missing u

Oh 😍

Oh 😍

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My  hair . I love it .

<3 blue

Denise Fagerberg &lt;3 crush

Denise Fagerberg <3 crush

My booty hero &#8230; Denise Fagerberg

My booty hero … Denise Fagerberg

Today is my day .

Today is my day .

Go green .

More children , lost so young .


Edward Sheriff Curtis:"The North American Indian"

  1. Two Whistles, Apsaroke

  2. Klamath Indian at Crater Lake

  3. Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon

 4. Tobadzischini

 5. Haschogan  

 6. Haschezhini  

 7. Bear Bull - Blackfoot  

 8. Red Cloud  

 9. Apache Gaun  

10. Offering to the Sun - San Ildefonso

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This blog is about my LIfe and all the shiny petty things that are inspiration too me.I'm a closet pin up , i"m a gypsy and guru and i am here to talk and tell you about me and all the bullshit that is crushing me. Fashion/Make-up is a love of mine i love just to shop and re fix my room when i buy a lot of new things .
Working out is my NEW passion , posting pix of STUNNING lady's is like help to keep me going , like if they look that good well FUCK it so can i .
Who am i they call me Lv but you can call me Lauren von the Wild Child . xoxo

*Note:i do not claim ownership of any photo's i post unless stated otherwise.
The word ( Lv ) in the tag will mean i made or took the pix .



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