Lauren Von____F stands for fuck off Im having fun.

Yesterday i went balls to the ways shopping and this is some of the stuff i bought !!! Had a great night with my friend /boss Haven .

Now time for my other job …ugh i hate this job.

killing my softly .

killing my softly .

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<3 James Deen 
My crush.

<3 James Deen

My crush.

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Just chilling , killin time .


waiting for my girl haven , staying by her tonight !

New nails . && training starts May 1st .


Okay first off , her face is so cute&#160;!! lol

But this is one of my favorite things to do &#8230; ride it &lt;3

Okay first off , her face is so cute !! lol

But this is one of my favorite things to do … ride it <3

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James Deen <3

I told my boyfriend if we break up I’m going to write James Deen and ask to fuck him …. lol why because ummm have you seen  him fuck ?

Oh my GOD . yum

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Next week Monday (April 14 )  i open the store then when i get out at four i go to Midway and take the orange line to Bridgeport to Havens  ill stay there for a night working and helping her clean . Wednesday word all day Open to close . Thursday date night . Friday , Saturday and Sunday with my girl ash but i work the hole time so thank you Buddha she likes movies .Sunday i open so my mom will take her home and that week …(April 21 ) Monday i open the store . Wednesday , Saturday and Sunday i work .

Make time for my nails , gym  and down town bizz work && shopping and some elephant and castle yummy !!!

Ohhh i forgot i and going to finished the shading on my tattoo buy my guy David and my Elvis tattooed has to get stared  .

okay so why did i want a job ? oh yeah i LOVE to shop !!!

Press night we made it …Motown !!

"The pain I’m in you cant see it .
It doesn’t leave marks or scares ,its deeper then you can see."

Lauren Von

My life yesterday / April 10 ,2014

Ugh having no cell phone is killing me ….Fucking broke it  and I am so broke i wont get another one until next week !!!


Rent - $650

GAS - Lights - $347

Debt - $260 / Every month for the next year.

Food - 1 month $350

I have three jobs no time for my family or boyfriend and everyone is getting pissy . Oh god i need a time out or vaca.


Life .  Inhale the good shit exhale the bad shit .

Real talk. lol

<3 it .

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Amsterdam shoes

- So cute , i need some hot shoes like this&#160;!


Amsterdam shoes

- So cute , i need some hot shoes like this !

This blog is about my LIfe and all the shiny petty things that are inspiration too me.I'm a closet pin up , i"m a gypsy and guru and i am here to talk and tell you about me and all the bullshit that is crushing me. Fashion/Make-up is a love of mine i love just to shop and re fix my room when i buy a lot of new things .
Working out is my NEW passion , posting pix of STUNNING lady's is like help to keep me going , like if they look that good well FUCK it so can i .
Who am i they call me Lv but you can call me Lauren von the Wild Child . xoxo

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